It is with great pleasure and excitement that we extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you to the "Global Expert Meetings on Nanotechnology & Materials Science” hosted by The SciMeets. This prestigious event will take place from August 28th to 30th, 2025, in Paris, France, with virtual participation available via Zoom.

The NanoExpo-2025 conference serves as a premier platform for academic exchange, featuring an extensive array of sessions including plenary talks, keynote lectures, interactive discussions, academic presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. Our distinguished organizing committee, comprised of leaders in the field of Photonics and Optics Technology, has meticulously curated the program to address the latest developments, challenges, and innovations in the discipline.

Participation in NanoExpo-2025 offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional advancement. Whether attending in person in the vibrant city of Lisbon or virtually via Zoom, delegates can expect to engage with cutting-edge research, connect with esteemed peers, and contribute to the advancement of Nanotechnology & Materials Science on a global scale.

We trust that your involvement in NanoExpo-2025 will be both intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding, providing a platform to showcase your expertise, gain insights from renowned experts, and establish valuable connections within the global scientific community.

We look forward to your esteemed presence at NanoExpo-2025, where together, we will shape the future of Nanotechnology & Materials Science.

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